Pink Eye Symptoms and treatments

Pink eye symptoms and treatments can vary depending on the infection, viral or bacterial. Both infections are highly contagious and extremely easy to spread from person to person. For most of the pink eye cases there is no medical treatment for the eye virus so preventing the spreading of the infections is the most important action. Avoid school and work for either infection until symptoms improve. Also avoid sharing items face items such as a washcloth or mascara.

Pink eye also known as conjunctivitis is an infection to the mucus membranes of the lid of the eye and the eye itself. A healthy eye’s lining is clear but when it is irritated it can become infected. While most infections are not serious they are very ignoring, however, it is short lived by only sticking around 7 to 10 days without medical treatment. Symptoms of pink eye are itching or burning feeling, some sensitivity to light, tearing, swollen and red eyelids and redness of the eyes.

Treatments of the symptoms for pink eye range from medical treatment to home or natural remedies. If the symptoms are not improving seek medical treatment as the infection may be bacterial which can only improve with antibiotics. These home remedies include lemon juice, Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and even breast milk. Black tea bags, contact solution and Balmex diaper cream are the most popular among the home remedies. None of these remedies claim to cure pink eye in one day but some do claim to cure it in two to three days. One remedy proven to show major improvement over night and cure within days is eyebright, a herb that is used for the treatment of eye irritations and is easily prepared by using just a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water then you will need to strain the leaves, let the solution cool and use as an eye wash. The herb fennel is prepared and administered the same way and helps clear the vision for blurriness. Castor oil is a remedy that has been used for a long time for other ailments and has proven to be effective in symptoms of pink eye. Just use this all time favorite home remedy three times a day to help get rid of the pink eye naturally.

Symptoms for pink eye are different for one another and so do the remedies. While pink eye is not considered a major illness, some attention does need to be given to the infection and going to the doctor is a good place to start. If the infection goes on too long, lost of eye sight is possible. The internet is a good source and has a wealth of information with regards to home and natural remedies for those viral eye infections. Remember to wash your hands frequently as this infection is highly contagious and easy to transfer to other humans. Don’t share eye makeup, facial washes or clothes. Not all pink eye symptoms and treatments are the same and will vary depending on the severity of the infection.